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Raw Food Diet For Living Healthy
by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is raw dairy health-giving?

Because it has been proved to reverse disease and increase health. Read the Supplemental Report In Favor Of Raw Milk that contains hundreds of scientific evidence. Also, read the books We Want To Live, and The Recipe For Living Without Disease. Both books give case histories on the benefits achieved by drinking and eating raw dairy.

Why is processed dairy disease-causing?

Because it has been proved to cause diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity. Read the Supplemental Report In Favor Of Raw Milk that contains hundreds of scientific evidence.

What do you mean by processed dairy?

Processed dairy is any dairy that has been altered from its raw state by heating the dairy above a cow's body temperature. Pasteurization, irradiation, boiling or homogenization are the most commonly known forms of processing. Also, the processes of chemical treatment are used to enhance flavor, fortify and preserve bad-tasting milk that has been heat-treated and putrefactive. The common store type of milk is processed to the extent it turns blue. They add large amounts of dolomite (mined calcium carbonate, that is rock) to make it white and add irradiated hydrogenated vegetable oil as Vitamin D. Hydrogenated oil has the same molecular structure as plastic unlike natural raw milk. Additionally, irradiated oil is not Vitamin D yet the FDA allows them to call it that. The following processes are used to treat dairy: Pasteurization - heating milk to, at least, 130 degrees F. (54 degrees C.) for at least 45 seconds, or 160 degrees F. (71 degrees C.) for at least 15 seconds. Boiling means cooking the milk until is begins to vaporize, usually for at least 5 seconds. Irradiation - Exposing milk to destructive light such as high-intensity ultraviolet or radioactive contamination; also called cold-pasteurization Homogenization - Subjecting the milk-fat (cream) to high pressures and forcing it through a tight-meshed screen that causes the fat-molecules to rupture, turn rancid and spoil. Homogenization originated to hide milk that was low in fat. In early years, low-fat milk was considered less desirable and unhealthy. Homogenization today is performed to keep the cream from separating from the milk so that it will not sour and the milk looks even.

All of these processes destroy or damage the wonderful nutrients in raw milk.

What do you mean by raw dairy?

Raw milk has not been heated above a cow's highest healthy body temperature which is no more than 105 degrees F. (38 degrees C.) nor frozen, has not been altered with additives, chemicals, light or homogenization.

How can we regain our right to choose raw dairy?

Simply, we help educate those around us about our need to make raw milk available, and persistently demand from our public officials that we have the freedom to choose the healthy foods that we want and need. Being tenacious will assure that we will probably succeed. When we changed that law in Los Angeles County, every lawyer and politician told us it was against all odds. We were tenacious for 3 years and we succeeded where others had failed for 30 years. The key was having the proper information presented simply, articulately and concisely. All of the documents we used to change the laws can be found on this site in chronological order under Resources.

How can I help?

Help us help you. Like you, we are eager to reclaim our right to choose healthy food. There are several ways that you can help us help you:

Donate. By donating whatever you can to our organization you will allow us to work harder and more effectively to protect your right to choose healthy foods. You may make a donation in any amount, made payable to Right to Choose Healthy Food, P.O. Box 176, Santa Monica, CA 90406-0176.

Get Active. Write letters to and talk with your elected officials and let them know about your desires. Copy, paste and print the documents on this website and distribute them to everyone that you can. Group together with local dairy farmers and agricultural organizations to get more support when giving petitions to your local elected officials. Contact as many radio and TV stations, newspaper and magazine editors and reporters as possible. Start a ripple in your community that will add to title wave for those of us who want to protect our right to choose healthy food.

Link to Us. www.rawmilk.org.

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